The story of our House

Schon der Name “Forstwirt” reveals a connection between the house and the history. Als “harad husum” (Houses in the forest) was first recorded in history in 813 AD, from a script of the diocese of Freising, under the name of "harad husum" (houses in the forest). Located in the south-east of Munich with Aschheim and Trudering, Harthausen forms the oldest of the Bavarian clearences in the forest of the Munich. This forest grows from a vast gravel plain , whichwas formed during the last ice age.

Since 1860 , Georg Zellermayr married into the Huber farm in Harthausen, during this time he built a saw mill next to the main street connecting Munich and Glonn as a gift for his son, Dominikus. Since 1860, the lands at the southern border of the village have been owned by the Zellermayr's as in 1862 Dominikus built a goodly pub in the south corner of his property, naming it, "Zur Forstsäge". The family originated from Wörnbrunn near Grünwald, where they worked on one of the three farms which date back to the late medial era. In 1621 the duke Albrecht of Bavaria banished the farmers from their lands, to build a stud in act of landlordism. In response, Mr Zellermayr, a farmer, moved to Putzbrunn and bought the Siebenschneider farm.

1806 heiratete Georg Zellermayr in den Harthauser Huberhof ein und baute später seinem Sohn Dominikus nahe der Hauptstraße München-Glonn eine “Forstsäge”. Constructed in 1862 the stately Tafernwirtshaus which is located on the southern corner of Forstsäge ground, das nun den Namen “Zur Forstsäge” got.

Since 1873 they served beer that had been brewed by the Spaten-Franziskaner-Brewery. The beer was bought directly from the Munich brewery, using proceeds earned from the sale of firewood. A post card, written in 1905 reads: “Schönster Radfahrerausflug auf staubfreier Straße durch herrliche Wälder. You can even swim in the Kastensee- or the Steinsee (lakes).”

Arround 1900 the Zellermayr's steam saw-mill closed down due to water- and electricity shortages. Between 1911 till 1955 Andreas, and Josefa Zellermayr, den “Forstwirt”. The bowling alley and chapel which originally belonged to the house, were removed after the Second World War.

Five years after the takeover by the son of Bruno and his wife Josephine, 1960 experienced the pub its first renovations.

Two years after the current owners, Bruno and Roswitha Zellermayr, had taken the lead, in 1987 the rear of the property was demolished and the remaining parts of the country inn forestry were refurbished.

The hotel had become a comfortable, modern country inn with charming guest rooms within a welcoming Bavarian environment. 1993 saw the construditon of the new apartment house on a plot of land adjacent to main hotel.

And now, annual 2008, although the hotel has modernised over the years, it has maintained the upmost respect to its heritage and family importance. After years of study in Gourmet Gastronomy, the eldest child of Bruno and Roswitha Zellermayr, Lukas Zellermayr, is now manning the stove.

Forstwirts new spirit!

The young, passionate chef Lukas Zellermayr sees its focus in the preparation of fine, innovative dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

Our key value has made the country inn forestry at a very popular and well patronized meeting place for the young and old, in order to:

“Erleben Sie Gastlichkeit in ihrer ursprünglichen Form.”

Hotel Restaurant Forstwirt
Beim Forstwirt 1
85630 Grasbrunn / Harthausen
Phone: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-0
Fax: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-11



~ Veranstaltungen im März/April~
GALA-Dinner am 21. April ab 18 o'clock
Genießen Sie ein exklusives Menü mit besonderen Weinen. Sommelier Philipp Künemund begleitet Sie durch den Abend. Reservierung unbedingt erforderlich!


Aktuelle Stellenangebote

Our team is young, involved, dynamic and is searching for you!


We search for:
Staff for reception included breakfast-service and banquet-service.



Aushilfe Service im Restaurant


We offer:
-a young, dynamic Team
-amazing guests
-pleasant working atmosphere
-good working hours despite gastronomy (also suitable for mothers)
-fair payment

Please send your application to Melanie Zellermayr at tel. 08106 / 36 38 0 or

opening times at the restaurant:
Monday - Saturday : from 17 o'clock
Food served 18 - 21:30 o'clock
sunday- and bank holiday: geschlossen ~ Ausnahmen entnehmen Sie bitte unserem Veranstaltungskalender
For your family celebration, Communion, confirmation, etc, .. we are especially and exclusive here for you even OUTSIDE OF THESE OPENING HOURS!  
~ Please contact us! ~
The hotel is open daily.
The reception desk is staffed as follows:
Monday - Saturday: 7 - 22 o'clock

Sunday: 8 - 12 o'clock


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