Our kitchen
Each tradition was at the beginning ground breaking and daring.

Since opening, our kitchen philosophy,
has been to champion traditional food.

We believe "the best things in life are the simple things" . (Joe Cocker „The simple things“)

With a good glass of wine, some olive oil and fresh bread, accompanied by a chat with good friends
– mehr braucht man im Grunde nicht zum Glücklichsein.


The greatest culinary sensations are not just a matter of the taste. As presentation and aroma are paramount also. Of course, the nose and. in essence, the mind. Vor allem aber das Herz – womit wir das wache Fühlen meinen, to feel belonging whilst awaken the senses.

We believe that our food excites all of the senses, with succulent tastes in the mouth, and exhilarating smells in the nose.

Cooking was the first creative achievement of humans, and by the combining new foods, new dimensions of nature were discovered and developed. Kochen ist bis heute – wie alle Künste – ein Wagnis, to which genuine chefs are driven to accomplish. Through our taste curiosity and our passion to experiment, cooking is grasped intuitively in the heart and performed through the mind.

The head chef in any kitchen, should bring enthusiasm, genuine passion for cooking and a love, passion and a love, which as we Germans say goes through your belly, muss bei einem Koch durch den ganzen Körper gehen und ihn ständig „unter Dampf“ halten. Only then does cooking, -, from the thousands of possible ingredients - harmoniously and tastefully bring joy to the palate.

There are few things, that appeal to all senses and uplift your mood like good food does.

So naturally great food implies quality, freshness and wholesome ingredients.

Everyone has opinions on taste, and style. But there isn't a bigger challenge than to discover mother nature's culinary potential.

Therefore our goal is to use the highest quality natural ingredients, and to cook it in a way that exhibits all qualities.

The down to earth recipes, we use are a result of Bavarian tradition and ingredients, whiche are re-created by the Forstwirt in an extraordinary way. The variety of fresh, light and healthy products will invigorate you.

Honest earthiness, in the tradition has its origin .


Today, eating is more than just food for fuel. A good meal must entertain, stimulate your mood and feelings, in order to be a journey that you will remember.


If we allow it, the natural earth gives us everything we need.


We see our job really (true) as a vocation

Your kitchen staff in the Forstwirt

Lukas Zellermayr
Chief de Cuisine


Hotel Restaurant Forstwirt
Beim Forstwirt 1
85630 Grasbrunn / Harthausen
Phone: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-0
Fax: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-11




~ Veranstaltungen im März/April~
GALA-Dinner am 21. April ab 18 o'clock
Genießen Sie ein exklusives Menü mit besonderen Weinen. Sommelier Philipp Künemund begleitet Sie durch den Abend. Reservierung unbedingt erforderlich!


Aktuelle Stellenangebote

Our team is young, involved, dynamic and is searching for you!


We search for:
Staff for reception included breakfast-service and banquet-service.



Aushilfe Service im Restaurant


We offer:
-a young, dynamic Team
-amazing guests
-pleasant working atmosphere
-good working hours despite gastronomy (also suitable for mothers)
-fair payment

Please send your application to Melanie Zellermayr at tel. 08106 / 36 38 0 or
E-Mail info@hotel-forstwirt.de

opening times at the restaurant:
Monday - Saturday : from 17 o'clock
Food served 18 - 21:30 o'clock
sunday- and bank holiday: geschlossen ~ Ausnahmen entnehmen Sie bitte unserem Veranstaltungskalender
For your family celebration, Communion, confirmation, etc, .. we are especially and exclusive here for you even OUTSIDE OF THESE OPENING HOURS!  
~ Please contact us! ~
The hotel is open daily.
The reception desk is staffed as follows:
Monday - Saturday: 7 - 22 o'clock

Sunday: 8 - 12 o'clock


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