154 years of Forstwirt

back to the past and with the youth in the future "

150 years of Forstwirt


Our six generations:

– from 1864 Georg Zellermayr
– from 1876 Dominikus Zellermayr
– from 1911 Andreas Zellermayr
– from 1955 Bruno Zellermayr sen.
– from 1985 Bruno Zellermayr
– since 2008 Küchenchef Lukas Zellermayr
– from 2017 Lukas Zellermayr


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In the years 1857/58 built Georg Zellermayr the sawmill estate "Forstsäge" with barns and stables. In april 1864 George got the beer concession economy. After the opening of the restaurant made here wagons with wood loaded stop. The horses could be set and there was place to rest. 1898 Dominikus built a bowling alley and offered 2 Bed & Breakfast for commercial travelers. It met here, the woodcutter, traders and farmers- viewfinder and the "FORSTWIRT" became known as a sociable and cheerful pub . 1960 Bruno sen. experienced the pub its first renovations. 1987 was carried by Bruno jun. a general renovation, the result were the Lukasstube and the hotel. 1993 the apartment house was built. The Hotel Restaurant Forstwirt offers comfortable, welcoming single, double- and family room, suites, pretty, rustic dining rooms and a beer garden. There are rooms for 10 till 80 persons available. After years of wandering Lukas brought home new creations and ideas home, true to its motto of "daring cook". The down to earth recipes, resulting from the traditions and regional products, be at FORSWIRT new original way created ~ experience our kitchen!



Hotel Restaurant Forstwirt
Beim Forstwirt 1
85630 Grasbrunn / Harthausen
Phone: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-0
Fax: +49 (0)8106 / 36 38-11




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